TummyRade Digestive Mix sachet


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Interne referentie: TUR Dmix

YummyRade is an award-winning, low calorie, tasty meal-enhancer for cats and dogs. It can be mixed with food, to deliver a rich and savoury taste to regular food.

It provides a delicious chicken taste that both cats and dogs love. It is low in calories and fat and the flavour burst encourages pets to eat, while also providing them with prebiotics to support gut health.


Gefilterd water, gehydrolyseerd kippeneiwit, glucose, mineralen.

Nutritionele toevoegingen

(Per kg): Glycine 1500mg, L-glutaminezuur 1000mg. Zoötechnische toevoegingsmiddelen (per kg): Fructo-oligosaccharide 1000mg. Technologische toevoegingsmiddelen (per kg): Xanthaangom 4000mg (emulgator), Fosforzuur.


12,2kcal/ 100g.

Suggestie voor serveren

Honden: Giet 100-120ml over het voer van je hond

Katten: Giet 25-50ml over het eten van je kat